BSM Insurance 

for Trips

All BSM-sponsored activities MUST be covered by insurance. This is a requirement and includes short term mission trips / projects, retreats, conferences, work days, concerts, and anything that involves ladders / hammers, etc. If something happens, let your supervisor know immediately and submit the report form within a couple days. 

Activities that should not be sponsored by BSM

Due to lack of affordable liability insurance coverage these activities will not be sponsored by BSM at any time:

Trip Insurance Forms

All trip insurance forms are located at (password is “harvest”) and look for "Trip Insurance Forms". You can find:

Certificate of Insurance

The Certificate of Insurance (COI) form is used to request insurance for a BSM sponsored event when there is a contract involved requiring additional liability insurance. Download, fill out, and email the COI form to Cindy Zoller with a copy of the contract* and she will process it with our accounting office and return the certificate to you. It usually takes 2 weeks to get this to you, so please plan accordingly. 

* The contract must show Baptist General Convention of Texas as the group name so for example, instead of showing XYZ BSM, please put Baptist General Convention of Texas – XYZ BSM. Also remember, it must state in the contract that the additional liability insurance is required.

Prior to the Trip

Liability Release Forms

When Borrowing a Van

If you borrow a vehicle, here are the questions you should ask: 

When Renting a Van

AIL Insurance Coverage Instructions

Please follow the steps below to sign up for mandatory insurance coverage for any BSM trips.

In Case of Vehicle Accident

In Case of Injury