There is a lot to know and do as a BSM staff member, so we've created this site to help answer the most frequently asked questions, provide information about things you need to know, and offer resources for your ministry to college students. This site is designed to help you understand the things that are unique to our work and enable you to serve more effectively in what you do best: ministering to students. Feel free to contact us at 214-828-5250 if you can’t find the answer here (try the search box in the top right first). 

Certain ordained or licensed ministers qualify for a HOUSING ALLOWANCE. This document contains an explanation of the criteria to qualify, a worksheet to compute the housing allowance, and a form for you to complete. If, after reading the information, you are not certain if you qualify, please contact Jim Reed. Your housing allowance does not carry over automatically. Ministers should complete the housing allowance form and return to by tomorrow 11/22/17.
THANKS to everyone who came to Waco last week for the BGCT Annual Meeting. It was good to be with you.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We're thankful for you and the investment you make in Texas college students' lives. And we're praying for you, too. Have a great time with family and friends this week.
  • Be sure to SET THE THERMOSTAT AT 55 AND LEAVE THE HEATON when you leave for Thanksgiving.
BGCT employees: before you leave for Thanksgiving you must have ALL PTO HOURS THAT YOU HAVE USED THIS YEAR LOGGED IN PAYCOM.  If you add anything prior to November 1, you must email with the dates and hours you entered in Paycom. Supervisors will be following up on this in early December and contacting those who have not logged any PTO this year.
HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF STILL NEEDED.  Eric's testimony shared at our banquet at the BGCT Annual Meeting is a reminder that there are still needs for relief work.  If you take a team, we are still using the Google Doc to register your team.  If you have taken a team and did not register it, please do so.  If you plan to take a team, please register it here.  Remember to take out insurance for the trip.Here are contacts for work in each area. 

Your MONTHLY UPDATE is due by the last business day of the month (Thurs, 11/30). Links and info at Don't forget that your Monthly Update is a multi-step process. For everyone, step 1 is your update report and step 2 is your contact report, and for Directors, step 3 is to send your monthly financial statement to your Supervisor.
FROM BRUCE. Please save these July 2018 dates:
  1. 2018 BGCT Family Gathering - July 29-31, 2018 in Arlington, TX. This will take the place of our normal July staff retreat. All FT Directors, Associates, Cross-Cultural Specialists, & Assistants are required to attend. You may bring your family. More info to come.
  2. 2018 Collegiate Week - August 5-10, 2018 at Falls Creek. This will be the orientation & training time for all CMIs, NEW Assistants, NEW Directors, and NEW Associates. Everyone is invited to Collegiate Week, but we will only cover the cost for those listed above. More info to come.

Mission Trip Forms Due for CHRISTMAS BREAK TRIPS.  If you are taking a BSM mission trip during the Christmas break (Dec or Jan), now is the time to turn in your Mission Trip form.  Even if your trip is just a weekend, please fill out the form.
Are you planning a SPECIAL IMPACT TRIP This year?  Forms due 6 months before departure.  If you are planning a Special Impact Mission Trip, you must turn in your planning forms 6 months before departure.  Now is a good time to get plans made.  Remember to qualify as a  Special Impact Teams:
  • Must have a minimum of 5 students and 1 staff member.  Additional staff members added only if the size of team warrants it.  
  • Must be 10 days or more in length
  • Must be to a location you would not go on normal BSM mission trip
  • Is in addition to your regular BSM mission trip. 


      11/22 - Kyle Wilson - Eastfield College BSM
      11/23 - Britta Carlson - WTAMU BSM
      11/25 - Victor Castillo Nevarez - UT Austin BSM
      11/27 - Jessica Mendez Carillo - TCU BSM

      Staff Changes

      • Asa Whitmore, new Ministry Assistant at UNT BSM


      November 23-24
      Thanksgiving (BGCT Holiday)

      November 30
      Monthly Update due

      December 22
      Christmas Eve Observance (BGCT Holiday)

      December 25
      Christmas Day (BGCT Holiday)

      December 26-29
      Year End Closure (BGCT Holiday)

      January 1
      New Year's Day (BGCT Holiday)

      January 2-4
      SLT Summit

      January 4-6
      Go Now Semester Orientation / Debriefing

      See the full TX BSM Staff calendar here

      TX BSM Staff