There is a lot to know and do as a BSM staff member, so we've created this site to help answer the most frequently asked questions, provide information about things you need to know, and offer resources for your ministry to college students. This site is designed to help you understand the things that are unique to our work and enable you to serve more effectively in what you do best: ministering to students. Feel free to contact us at 214-828-5250 if you can’t find the answer here (try the search box in the top right first).

A WORD FROM MARK. Here's the 3rd video from Mark about Colossians 1 and prayer. Also see Part 1Part 2.
ABIDE is February 1-2 at Highland Lakes Camp (near Austin). See for schedule, publicity, directions, registration, etc.
As you make Spring Break mission trip plans, remember that we have 15 PASSENGER VAN GUIDELINES that must be followed. Read the Guidelines Document.  And read all the BSM Insurance & Travel Related items.
GIVING FUEL EMAIL ABOUT TAX STATEMENTS. You might have received an email from Giving Fuel / Webconnex about sending out year-end tax receipts. Please disregard this email. BGCT's Accounting department will send those out. There's nothing you need to do unless a gift didn't go through Giving Fuel (i.e. you got a check and deposited in to the BSM checking account).
Go Now Missions
WE HAVE SPOTS FOR 230 STUDENT MISSIONARIES AND APPLICATIONS FROM 149 STUDENTS.  Please take a moment to watch this video from our Go Now Sending Chair, Eric Bean. It has some good questions to ask yourself as you give your final push for Go Now Missions.  Application deadline is Feb. 5.
CHANGES TO GO NOW POSITIONS LIST - PLEASE DISTRIBUTE TO YOUR STUDENTS.  We have had two positions canceled.  But have added three great new positions.  CLICK HERE to print the list of changes.  Make copies and get it into the hands of your student this week.
NEED 4 MORE SMALL GROUP LEADERS FOR DISCOVERY WEEKEND.  We have 25 small groups, each of which need an DIRECTOR, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR or ASSISTANT DIRECTOR as one of the co-leaders.  We are 4 short!  If you can lead one and have not been asked, or if you have been asked to be on Servant or Prayer Team and are willing to move to small group leader, email  Thanks!
For BGCT Employees
It is very important that you CHECK YOUR PAYSTUB (via Paycom) to make sure everything is correct. If there are errors, please call Peggy ASAP at 214-828-5259.
The BGCT HR department has launched a NEW INTRANET PAGE where you can find forms, benefits, policy manual, HR staff contact info, and more. The address is (make sure you are logged in to your Texas Baptists email account).
Any TAX FORMS, including W-2s for employees and tax receipts for donors MUST be POSTMARKED by January 31st.
Did you know there is an EMPLOYEE BENEVOLENCE FUND through HR? It's here to provide limited emergency financial assistance to fellow employees experiencing financial difficulty by means of using employee donated funds. If you'd like to request funds or donate funds, let us know and we'll send you the form.
The FLEX BENEFIT Blackout Period is Over! For those of you who are enrolled in our Flex benefit, we have some good news.  As you know, we recently transitioned to a new provider - Employee Benefit Corporation (EBC).  As part of the transition, EBC invoked a blackout period in order to be sure that all funds were transferred from our previous provider to employees' new EBC accounts.

Over the Christmas break, you should have received your new flex benefit credit card.  With the blackout period now being over effective January 16, your card is activated and you can begin to use it to pay for covered expenses.  You can also access your account with EBC at:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to EBC or you can contact Ruby Sanders in our HR department - she will be happy to help.
01/24 - Payton Crawley - UT Austin BSM
01/27 - Gary Davis - SFA BSM
01/29 Chris Smith - Sam Houston State University BSM
Staff Changes
Hunter Ballew - Director at UTEP
Mary Hebison - Part Time Interim Director at UMHB

Luke Kilmartin - Corpus Christi Associate Director
January 31
Monthly Update due
Any tax forms, including W-2s for employees and tax receipts for donors MUST be postmarked by January 31st

February 1-2

February 5
Application Deadline for Summer, Impact and Fall missions

February 15-17
Go Now Discovery Weekend

February 23
uNApologetic - Waco

February 28
Monthly Update due

March 9-15
Beach Reach Week 1

March 16-22
Beach Reach Week 2

March 29
Monthly Update due

March 30
CMI application deadline

See the full TX BSM Staff calendar here