There is a lot to know and do as a BSM staff member, so we've created this site to help answer the most frequently asked questions, provide information about things you need to know, and offer resources for your ministry to college students. This site is designed to help you understand the things that are unique to our work and enable you to serve more effectively in what you do best: ministering to students. Feel free to contact us at 214-828-5250 if you can’t find the answer here (try the search box in the top right first).

STATE LEAD TEAM COHORT LEADERS. Every year we ask that you choose one service opportunity on the state level. One of those opportunities is to serve as a Cohort Leader for the State Lead Team. We're excited about plans for this year's team! We will focus in on engaging non-Christians with the Gospel and cultivating a conversion culture. Students will have the opportunity to learn from Doug Schaupp, co-author of "Breaking the Huddle" and "I Once Was Lost" at the Winter Summit, January 7-9, 2019.  If you would like to serve as a cohort leader for this year's State Lead Team please let us know by completing the RSVP form here.
What is the FORGOTTEN FIFTY?  Click here to watch a video to learn about this effort to reach the least reached campuses in North America. 
What can you do?  
  • Begin by praying: join the Friday Forgotten Fifty Prayer group to get a specific prayer request each week.  Click here for how to sign up.
  • Inform others: share the video and prayer sign up with your leaders, BSM, churches, and friends.  
  • More information about involvement coming in the weeks ahead.
CMIs & ASSISTANTS were super attentive to Paul Worcester’s fantastic Gospel Appointment and discipling students training at Falls Creek.  They are enthusiastic to put it into practice, so please assist them in their GOAL SETTINGDUE September 1.
TEXAS FRESHMEN REMINDER. Remember to share your list of incoming freshmen from with the church college leaders in your area.
We've had a little trouble with the TEXAS FRESHMEN WEBSITE emailing info to Directors this year, so if you didn't get as many as you usually do, you can email and ask for a report of all names submitted for your campus this summer through the website.



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August 31
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August 31
Go Now Christmas and Spring List released on website

September 3
Labor Day (BGCT Holiday)

September 7-9
Go Now Sending Team Selection Meeting

September 7
Deadline to sign up for October's MPD Bootcamp

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