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Our Vision & Ministry Priority Areas

TXBSM engages Texas college students to follow Christ and transform the world.

If you were to ask us to sum up Texas BSM in a few words, we'd say, “from the harvest, for the harvest”. We labor to see students cultivate a relationship with Christ. We invest in their lives with the hope that they will invest in others and share the faith they have found.

Our ministry priorities include missions, evangelism, discipleship, church life, and leadership development, and they permeate the entire structure of Texas BSM. BSM desires to be a bridge between students and the local church. We want to help them grow during their college years and continue to be involved in a local church. We have over 140 staff members (employed and volunteer) who serve approximately 110 campuses.

Texas Baptist Student Ministry is a ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT / Texas Baptists) and local Texas Baptist Associations and Baptist churches. A BSM Director in a local community represents one of many ministries provided by the BGCT. Without the cooperative agreement between Texas BSM and our local Associations and churches, student ministry in Texas would not function.

Creating a HARVEST Culture

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” -Matthew 9:37–38

We use the acronym "HARVEST" to help you be success­ful as you seek to reach students for Christ. In this culture, God is glorified, lost students hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and respond to Him, and believers grow into His likeness. Consider the following overall expectations of BSM Directors who are working according to the HARVEST culture:


His Vision

We exist as an organization to glorify God on the university campus by sharing Christ so students can know Him as their personal Savior and Lord, becoming fruit-bearing followers in character change and reaching the lost. (Colossians 1:28–29; Matthew 9:37–41; 28:19–20; Ephesians 4:11–13).



Each BSM Director must develop eight ministry skill areas in order to “bear fruit” in the Christian life, as well as on the college campus. The context is the servant model of Jesus. The goal is to equip BSM Directors who can then equip college students for ministry. (John 13; Ephesians 4:11–13)



The goal is for BSMs to bear fruit by increasing both the number of students be­ing saved and the number of Christian students maturing into His likeness. (John 15:5, 8; Ephesians 4:11–13; Acts 2:47)



BSM is a values-oriented ministry that is Christ-centered, student-led and church-related. Each BSM strategy must support these core values, as expressed in its vision and ultimately through its actions.



The Collegiate Ministry Team has high expectations for its leadership. It has outlined specific expectations for the local Director and staff, such as meetings and personnel issues.



Students and staff involved in BSM on local campuses must allow the Spirit of God to guide and lead. The Holy Spirit convicts the lost of sin, baptizes the believer, seals and fills the believer, gives gifts, leads and bears fruit in the lives of believers.


Team Ministry

All who serve in BSM must work with a variety of groups beyond their student group to be effective.

Some areas will demand more attention than others. The models suggested are a beginning point, and most have already been proven effective with BSM Directors. While the principles behind the models are foundational and unchanging, the actual design will change to fit your giftedness and specific campus. The Director and the Supervisor will work together to decide the areas needing the most attention.

Ministry Abilities / Skill Areas

Each BSM Director must develop nine ministry abilities in order to “bear fruit” in the Christian life, as well as on the college campus. The context for each of these ministry abilities is the servant model of Jesus. The goal is to equip BSM Directors who can then equip college students for ministry. (John 13; Ephesians 4:11–13). We realize not all of the required abilities will be mastered within the first year. In fact, some areas will be stronger than others will. However, success in each ability area is possible with the appropriate support and resources.

The Givens

First and foremost, we are dependent upon the work of the Holy Spirit in order for lives to be changed. Transformation takes place when students encounter God in a personal way. God allows us the privilege of being vessels through which His Kingdom is proclaimed on campus and through which He speaks into the lives of students. Being faithful in that responsibility is a huge challenge which also requires the grace and strength of the Father to fulfill.

Each of the ministry areas has "givens” which are items which we believe are essential to fulfilling this role. They are not negotiable, neither are they goals, rather they encapsulate the job description of a full-time BSM Director. Should you have any question about any of these, please contact your supervisor.


TXBSM has specific expectations for the local BSM Directors and staff. The expectations below are particularly related to meetings and personnel issues. See the BGCT Policy Manual (updated 09/24/2019) for further descriptions of vacation, days off, benefits, etc.

  1. Statewide student meetings. Student meetings are designed to assist you in reaching students and making them a part of the local BSM ministry and church. The goal of any statewide student meeting we plan is always two fold: to experience the presence and power of God and to develop relationships with other believers. Therefore, the requirement to attend with students exists because we believe statewide student meetings are about God transforming lives.

  2. July Staff Training Retreat. July Retreat is a part of the design in assisting the Director to find success in BSM. It seeks to enhance our relationship with God, with each other, and give skills useful for the local ministry.

  3. Student Missions Involvement. Of primary focus is the active participation of students in missions locally, state and worldwide to develop them as disciples. Texas Baptist Student Missions (Go Now Missions) is the primary vehicle for funding and sending. However, other areas are also a valuable part of the sending process.

  4. Timely response with reports and requests.

  5. Positive support of BGCT ministries. As a local Director, you serve as an employee of the BGCT to provide an excellent example of the commitment of Texas Baptists to reach people for Christ and to be the presence of Christ on campuses.

  6. Email. Due to the pivotal nature of email, all staff need to check email a minimum of three times a week.

  7. Access. Do not allow students access to the internet / BSM accounts unless in a supervised setting, meaning a staff person is in the same room. This is for your own protection. Password access is only for staff.

  8. Observance of travel and insurance policies.

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