Staffing Plan


The Staffing Plan is designed to be a tool to help as you think, pray, plan, and dream about next year. It includes all staff: Associate Directors, Cross Culture Specialists, BSM Assistants, Campus Missionary Interns, Office Assistants, Janitors and any others that are considered staff of your BSM. (There are hiring procedures in place for all staff including Office Assistants and Janitors. Please consult your Regional Coordinator if you need to hire a worker funded by local sources.)

How do I submit my Staffing Plan?

Submit your staffing plan online at _________. Here are the Questions You'll Be Asked. Here is the BSM Staffing Policies and Procedures document to help you work through your staffing plan (including a Staffing Plan Worksheet, position descriptions and funding amounts, CMI appointment, application, and funding process, staff funding agreement sample, etc.)

When is my Staffing Plan due?

It should be submitted online by March 5, 2018.

Who is required to submit a Staffing Plan?

All Full Time Directors should complete the Staffing Plan. Yes, you need to submit a Staffing Plan even if you don't want additional staff.

Why do I have to submit a Staffing Plan?

It is designed to develop a staff plan for the BSM on your campus. If you want additional staff next year, now is the time to plan for it in terms of recruiting and a funding plan. We also want a) you to think through your plan for mentoring additional staff and b) your local group (associations and churches) to be supportive.

This process of filing this plan is to help you, not to create a burden or extra paperwork. Due to current trends and financial realities, staff members in addition to the BSM Director will require funding from local sources instead of BGCT sources. Local sources include BSM alumni, local churches, local associations, grants, and friends and family members of the Campus Missionary Intern. Thus, the responsibility of funding local BSM staff (other than the BSM Director) is most commonly the responsibility of the local BSM.

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