Ministry Report

There are two reasons we ask you to complete a Ministry Report: 1) we care about you and want to know how you're doing and 2) accountability. You to us and us to the rest of the Convention. One way we do this is not only through numbers but also through stories. Please answer thoroughly (use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation) and know you are talking to a broader audience than just your Supervisor (unless noted in that question).

Due Date

Your Ministry Update is due five times a year:

Submit Report

Go to and look for "Submit Your Monthly Update. If you have problems or questions contact your supervisor or Becky Barnes.


Here's the Monthly Update Account Set Up & Helps document.

Monthly Update FAQs

Q1. How do I submit my activities (contacts)?

A1. See the instructions here. Remember, any time you have contact with a church about BSM or to encourage them in their ministry, we need you to log it as an activity. Ideally, you will log them after each contact. Please do not take this task lightly. We need you to make reporting these contacts a priority so that the Convention leadership and regional representatives working with a church are aware of your influence in the ministry of that church and the church's influence in BSM. Also, if you preached or represented BGCT in a church you need to log it by Monday noon as Dr. Hardage runs a report each Monday afternoon to see how many churches we touched that particular Sunday. There is a specific way to log this so it shows in his report (detailed in the instructions document). 

Q2. What financial statements am I required to submit ?

A2. If you are responsible for any checking, savings, and/or investment accounts, you are required to send a Transaction Report & Bank Statement for EACH account every month. They are due on the first day of the month with all transactions for the previous month.  The Transaction Report MUST be in Excel spreadsheet format and should include the beginning balance, income & expenses from the account, and an ending balance. The Bank Statement can be either Excel spreadsheet or PDF format.

Q3. How do I add financial documents to a submitted report?

A3. See the instructions here. Remember, if your bank statements aren’t ready at the time of your report, just submit last month’s financial documents with this month’s report. It’s ok to be a month behind on those, as long as you are sending in something new each month.

Q4. Is there an easier way to log contacts? 

A4. Open the Salesforce link (above) and save it to your phone. Then when you're out and want to enter the contact after you leave a meeting, just open your phone, click that link and enter it there.

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