Financial Report

To be successful you need to exhibit financial responsibility (using the resources given you in a faithful and responsible way) and financial accountability (using methods of recording and reporting financial transactions in a way which is completely transparent and easily understood). 

Due Date

Your financial report is due the last business day of every month.

Submit Report

Go to and look for "Submit Your Financial Report". If you have problems or questions contact your supervisor or Becky Barnes.

Financial Report FAQs

Q1. What do you expect regarding BSM finances ?

A1. Click here to read what we expect regarding financial responsibility and accountability.

Q2. What financial statements am I required to submit ?

A2. If you are responsible for any checking, savings, and / or investment accounts, you are required to send a Transaction Report & Bank Statement for EACH account every month. They are due on the last business day of the month with all transactions for the previous month (it's ok to be one month behind if statements aren't ready at that time).  The Transaction Report MUST be in Excel spreadsheet format and should include the beginning balance, income & expenses from the account, and an ending balance. The Bank Statement can be either Excel spreadsheet or PDF format.

Q3. How do I add financial documents to a submitted report?

A3. See the instructions here. Remember, if your bank statements aren’t ready at the time of your report, just submit last month’s financial documents with this month’s report. It’s ok to be a month behind on those, as long as you are sending in something new each month.

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