Copyright Guidelines


A few BSMs have experienced problems using googled images on their website / social media. This is one area where there seems to be greater scrutiny looking for offenders. We want to be law abiding citizens when it comes to use of copyrighted property. Many of the images you will find when you google for a particular image are copyrighted and are not marked as such so you can be using an image illegally and not even know it. The resulting invoice for illegal use can be quite costly. If you have other resources you’d like to share with other BSM staff, email it to the address below and we’ll add it to this document.

Helpful information about image copyright rules:

Here are some guidelines to help you in this regard:

    1. Use original pictures that were taken by you or your students. In other words, pictures that you own.

    2. Use a service to search for pictures. Here are some options:

      1. Free site -

      2. Subscription site -

      3. Per image site -

  1. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Video License

In case you ever wanted to know about the legality of showing movies at your BSM. You can buy a license to do so at Church Video License.

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