BSM Insurance

All BSM-sponsored activities MUST be covered by insurance. This is a requirement and includes short term mission trips / projects, retreats, conferences, work days, concerts, and anything that involves ladders / hammers, etc. If something happens, let your supervisor know immediately and submit the report form within a couple days. 

Activities that should not be sponsored by BSM

Due to lack of affordable liability insurance coverage these activities will not be sponsored by BSM at any time:

Trip Insurance Forms

All trip insurance forms are located at (password is “harvest”) and look for "Trip Insurance Forms". You can find:

Certificate of Insurance

The Certificate of Insurance (COI) form is used to request insurance for a BSM sponsored event when there is a contract involved requiring additional liability insurance. Download, fill out, and email the COI form to Cindy Zoller with a copy of the contract* and she will process it with our accounting office and return the certificate to you. It usually takes 2 weeks to get this to you, so please plan accordingly. 

* The contract must show Baptist General Convention of Texas as the group name so for example, instead of showing XYZ BSM, please put Baptist General Convention of Texas – XYZ BSM. Also remember, it must state in the contract that the additional liability insurance is required.

Prior to the Trip

Liability Release Forms

When Borrowing a Van

If you borrow a vehicle, here are the questions you should ask: 

When Renting a Van

Additional Insurance Coverage for Higher Risk Situations Like Disaster Relief

As you are taking out insurance for your group who will be working with Hurricane Harvey Relief, we wanted to make you aware of an additional insurance resource for your group. THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE HSR COVERAGE WE REQUIRE YOU TO PURCHASE FOR YOUR GROUP. It is a low cost additional coverage that is a good idea when you are in higher risk situations like hurricane mud out. 

In Case of Vehicle Accident

In Case of Injury

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