Workers Compensation

We don’t want anyone to get hurt. But in the event that you do, get whatever medical help is necessary and then contact your Supervisor immediately. BGCT Workers's Compensation applies to all full-time BGCT employees and includes anything work-related (below are just a few examples). You must let your Supervisor know within eight (8) days of the incident.

  • You’re getting ready for your weekly luncheon and slip and fall in the kitchen

  • While on a trip with your students you cut your finger and need stitches

  • Your local association asked you to help supervise a youth activity when you trip and break your ankle

  • You’re at a speaking engagement related to your BSM or Association (not Extended Ministry) and hurt your knee

  • While traveling to a TXBSM event you have a car accident and are injured

Here's the Workers’ Compensation Employee Report of Injury Form.

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