To be a healthy college ministry worker you need time off. BGCT gives us PTO to use when we're sick, on vacation, or need to be away from work. How wonderful that we have the flexibility to use PTO when we need to be off! For more information, see section 842 of the BGCT Policy Manual (updated 09/24/2019).


Please note that the BGCT Policy Manual (section 842) stipulates that time taken away from work must be approved by the supervisor before commitments are established for the use of time away. Employees must agree to abide by the Collegiate Ministry / BGCT calendar in relation to paid time off and required meetings. Here is the official, up-to-date Texas BSM Staff calendar. As campus ministers we must give our students priority over extra opportunities for recreation or extended service. For this reason we will not approve a full time worker to be away from the campus at the start of or during a school semester unless absence requires three or less work days. Paid time off or extended ministry time that requires more than three work days should be postponed until school is out for semester break or the summer months.

Submitting PTO

BGCT uses a system called Paycom for PTO. The website is If you don't know your password, contact Bennye Bryant. See the How To Request Time Off in Paycom document from HR with instructions and examples to help you with the process. Don't wait until the end of the year to enter the PTO you took. You should enter your PTO into Paycom as soon as you take it. If you take some time off after a mission trip we don't consider that PTO. Please work with your supervisor to figure out what's appropriate.

This Year's BGCT Holidays

Here's the BGCT Holiday Schedule for 2021. BGCT holidays do not count towards your PTO. Also, the BGCT is usually closed the week between Christmas and New Year's. Closed means that you don't have to use PTO. Remember, this is a gift and not a guarantee! For more information, see BGCT Policy Manual, section 842.

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