Each of the following are benefits available to BGCT employees. For more information about each, see the listed section in the BGCT Policy Manual.

  • Access to Counseling and Psychological Services - section 535

  • Benevolence Fund

There is a BGCT employee benevolence fund administered through HR that here to provide limited emergency financial assistance to fellow employees experiencing financial difficulty by means of using employee donated funds. If you'd like to request funds, use BGCT Employee Benevolence Fund Request Form. If you'd like to donate to the fund, use Payroll Deduction Request Form.

  • Bereavement Leave - section 848

  • BGCT Holidays - section 842

Here's the BGCT Holiday Schedule for 2021. BGCT holidays do not count towards your PTO. Also, the BGCT is usually closed the week between Christmas and New Year's. Closed means that you don't have to use PTO. Remember, this is a gift and not a guarantee!

    • Eligibility for Benefits - section 831

All Regular Full-Time employees working at least 40 hours in a work week are eligible for benefits based upon eligibility requirements of each plan.

All Regular Part-Time employees working 20 to 39.9 hours in a work week are eligible for the pro-rated paid time off (PTO) benefit employment and other benefits based on eligibility requirements of each plan.

Temporary & Occasional employees are not eligible for benefits other than those offered under the BGCT Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage.

All employees working more than 1,000 hours per year are eligible to participate in the BGCT retirement benefit plan.

  • Extended Leave for Advanced Study or Professional Projects (aka Study Leave) - section 881

  • Family Medical Leave - section 846

  • Tuition Reimbursement - section 880

  • Ministry Leave & Extended Ministry Leave - sections 882 & 883

What's the difference between Extended Ministry and Mission Trip Days? Extended Ministry, for the most part, is not related to your students but rather work in Baptist life. Extended Ministry days are not intended for use on campus mission trips. They can, however, be used for the leading of Impact Mission Teams with the approval of the state staff. Examples of Extended Ministry would include: going on a mission trip with your church, going on a vision trip with Go Now Missions, leading a camp for a week (not your students). Remember, Extended Ministry days must be approved by your Supervisor 90 days before the event.

  • PTO - section 842

To be a healthy college ministry worker you need time off. BGCT gives us PTO to use when we're sick, on vacation, or need to be away from work. How wonderful that we have the flexibility to use PTO when we need to be off! Please note that section 842 stipulates that time taken away from work must be approved by the supervisor before commitments are established for the use of time away. Employees must agree to abide by the Collegiate Ministry / BGCT calendar in relation to paid time off and required meetings. Here is the official Texas BSM Staff calendar. As campus ministers we must give our students priority over extra opportunities for recreation or extended service. For this reason we will not approve a full time worker to be away from the campus at the start of or during a school semester unless absence requires three or less work days. Paid time off or extended ministry time that requires more than three work days should be postponed until school is out for semester break or the summer months. Don't wait until the end of the year to enter the PTO you took. You should enter your PTO into the system as soon as you take it. If you take some time off after a mission trip we don't consider that PTO. Please work with your supervisor to figure out what's appropriate.

  • Scholarships

There are two scholarships available through the Texas BSM office. 1) Reames Scholarship Information & Application for children of BSM Staff and 2) Pearson Endowment Scholarship Information & Application for MKs attending Texas A&M.

  • Teladoc

BGCT offers Teladoc free to all employees. U.S. board-certifed doctors are available 24/7/365 to resolve many of your medical issues through phone or video consults. Set up your account today so when you need care now, a Teladoc doctor is just a call or click away. More info:, Flyer, FAQ, Before Going to the ER, app for your phone.

Open Enrollment

We complete open enrollment via UKG. Watch your Texas Baptists email for info from,, or If you've had a qualifying event (marriage, baby, etc. ) you can make changes outside of the open enrollment window.


BGCT uses a system called UKG for HR items like timesheets, PTO, payroll, taxes, etc.

Don't wait until the end of the year to enter the PTO you took. You should enter your PTO into the system as soon as you take it. If you take some time off after a mission trip we don't consider that PTO. Please work with your supervisor to figure out what's appropriate.

Workers' Compensation

We don’t want anyone to get hurt. But in the event that you do, get whatever medical help is necessary and then contact your Supervisor immediately. BGCT Workers' Compensation applies to all full-time BGCT employees and includes anything work-related (below are just a few examples). You must let your Supervisor know within eight (8) days of the incident. Here's the Workers’ Compensation Employee Report of Injury Form.

    • You’re getting ready for your weekly luncheon and slip and fall in the kitchen

    • While on a trip with your students you cut your finger and need stitches

    • Your local association asked you to help supervise a youth activity when you trip and break your ankle

    • You’re at a speaking engagement related to your BSM or Association (not Extended Ministry) and hurt your knee

    • While traveling to a TXBSM event you have a car accident and are injured


Please work with your supervisor to complete your annual evaluation.

    • It is completed through online documents using Google Docs.

    • You'll need to be able to access your email and Google Drive in order to complete the evaluation process. If you don't know how to log in to your Texas Baptists email account, please see this document. If you don't know your password, you'll need to contact BGCT's Helpdesk at or 214-828-5386 and get them to reset it for you.

    • Here are the steps: 1) Employee grades goals and completes self evaluation, 2) Supervisor grades goals and completes evaluation, 3) Evaluation conversation between employee and supervisor, 4) Employee and supervisor agree upon next year’s goals and enter them on the last page.

    • Your Supervisor will initiate the process with you via your email address. They will share documents with you throughout the process. Be on the lookout for that email and follow the instructions and due dates. Please respond to each request you receive within 5 days.

Who to Contact

You are always welcome to contact HR directly, but you can start with Becky Barnes in our office who can help answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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