1. Poll Everywhere

Gather live audience feedback and watch results fill the screen as participants respond in real time from their devices.

2. Dart Experience Questions

One gift you have that is clearly from God

Two things you have learned about yourself or your family in the last year

Three words that describe your BSM culture

Four important people in your life and how they consistently help shape you / your perspective

3. Mapping Your Campus

Discussion Questions:

    • Ask 2 people in your group to share their map with the group. What are some of the significant places on their campus map?

    • What insight did you gain from mapping your campus today?

    • What about your campus has changed because of the COVID-19 crisis?

    • What strategy do you need to shift in order to better reach your campus this year?

End your time together praying for God to give you wisdom in how to reach your campuses this year.

4. Bible Studies with Dr. Dennis Wiles - Colossians 1:24-2:5

Session 1: Ministry / Methodology - video, outline

Discussion Questions:

  • Reflecting on your call to ministry, how available are you in this season to God’s call on your life? What is God saying to you about your call right now?

  • What about your methodology needs to change or adapt?

Session 2: Our Message - video, outline

Discussion Questions:

  • What resonated with you today as you heard again the message of the Gospel?

  • What are some ways we can present the “Word of God in all its fullness” on our campuses?

  • What barriers stand in the way of sharing the message with students on your campus.

Session 3: Our Motive - video, outline

Discussion Questions:

  • What does it mean to work to facilitate spiritual growth and maturity in those you serve? How do we move students from intellectual knowledge to experiential knowledge?

  • In order to be able to promote health in others we need to be healthy ourselves. How is your own spiritual health at this time?

  • What’s guiding you right now? How does your ministry and methodology reflect those motives?

5. Video from Dr. Hardage

6. Emerging Regions Offering

Select Fund: Other, and once you enter an amount a "Comments / Instructions" box will show up, please enter "Emerging Regions Offering" there.

7. Beyond Jerusalem with Brenda Sanders

8. Helping Staff & Students Have Healthy Boundaries

Discussion Questions:

      • How can you help each other in the area of caring for your own lives / establishing accountability with 2-3 others?

      • What are some ways you can raise awareness of potential abuse / inappropriate conduct or speech among your student leaders? If you have a staff, how can you work together as a staff in this area? What WILL you do this fall semester to take a specific action in this area? If you are serving individually

      • What resources can you share with one another to help students struggling with issues such as pornography? Who on your staff will take the lead in moving forward into this issue with your student leaders and students in some way?

9. The Ministry of Reconciliation

Discussion Questions:

      • How have you already addressed racial issues with your students? How have students responded? What does follow up look like for ongoing discussion?

      • In moving from “demonstration to dialogue, what role does BSM have in forwarding dialogue and being an agent of reconciliation?

      • Dr. Evans said that “healing only happens as trust increases.” How can BSM leaders build trust that leads to better understanding and healing?

      • What plans do you have moving forward related to these issues?

10. Building an Evangelism Strategy for Your Campus

Discussion Questions:

    • When Dan Marino retired from professional football he was asked what he missed the most. He replied, “The huddle.” Yes, the momentary huddles are sweet, and in the BSM world those would be weekly staff or lead team meetings when victories are celebrated and strategies are laid for the next play. Many of us have read the book, Breaking the Huddle, (Everts, Schaupp Gordon) in which a huddled ministry is characterized as having an inward focus versus outward. What are some ways can we lead our students toward an outward focus?

    • Paul Worcester says that when someone is spotted alone at one of their ministry’s gatherings, he and his students consider that an emergency. How well do your students give their attention to the new-comers or not-yet-connected students at your BSM’s gatherings? Do you have practices in place to encourage your core group students not to comfortably huddle together at BSM events?

    • What best practices or resources have you used or could you utilize to help your ministry move toward a harvest culture?

    • Riding a bicycle and riding a tricycle are different because you can coast on a bicycle, but if you quit pedaling a tricycle it stops. If we stop pedaling a Gospel-sharing or harvest culture, it stops. How can we help our students keep pedaling (sharing the Gospel and asking for response)?

11. Growing Student Leaders

Discussion Questions:

  • As you listened to Joe, Jeff and Nathan, what is something that was shared that resonated with you?

  • What questions did this conversation raise for you in regards to student leadership?

  • How would you gauge the health of your student leadership culture in your own group from a 1( poor health) to 5 (super healthy)? Why?

  • What are some steps you are taking to strengthen the area of student leadership in your ministry?

12. Every Campus - / Flyer

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