In order to carry out an effective ministry, the BSM Director must manage a variety of tasks. These tasks, though not necessarily considered direct ministry, are actually foundational to ministry because they determine a ministry’s long-term survival. The goal in this area is to equip the BSM Director in effective management skills.

Management Givens

Biblical Basis: Colossians 2:5

Pacesetter: Develop a strong accountability system for financial areas of BSM, including proper monthly financial reporting to local leadership group and state BSM Supervisor, budget management, checks and balances for security. Also, the BSM staff seeks to enhance key relationships on the campus and community.

Spiritual Focus: Weekly meetings with staff for encouragement, direction, and accountability.

Equipping: Expect excellence in secretary and janitor as well as student leaders in making the BSM building an attractive and welcoming environment both inside and out. Create pride among staff and students in the building. Each BGCT owned building is required to have a team of lay people assisting with building maintenance. Refer to "buildings" in the worker guide.

Incarnational: Intentional management by the BSM Director and Associate.

Management Tasks for New Workers

  1. Immediate setup of system for connecting with alumni, friends of BSM, area churches, etc.

  2. Read the 800 section of BGCT's Policy Manual.

  3. Keep records for Monthly Update (due the last business day of each month) and Annual Report (due the last business day of May).

  4. Conduct weekly staff meetings with your staff.

  5. Set up system of financial accountability (monthly/annual reports and budget preparation).

  6. If you have a building, set up building care and maintenance schedule.

  7. Schedule BSM clean up day for December / April.

Management Resources


  • BSM Building Related Expenses

  • BSM Building Report

  • Building FAQs

  • Facility Expectations for BGCT Owned Buildings

  • Winterizing you BSM Building


  • Abide

  • Beach Reach

  • CMI Interview Weekend

  • Go Now Discovery Weekend

  • July Retreat

  • SLT Summit


  • BSM Insurance

  • BSM Tax Related

  • Financial Expectations

  • Scholarship for Children of BSM Directors (Chet Reames)

  • Sending in Money to BGCT

  • Reimbursements


  • Benefits

  • BGCT Policy Manual

  • Child Guidelines with Work Related Events

  • Evaluations

  • Hiring Process

  • How to Open your Texas Baptists Email Account

  • How to Forward your Texas Baptists email to another email

  • Open Enrollment

  • PTO

  • UKG

  • Workers Compensation


  • 15 Passenger Van Guidelines

  • Additional Insurance Coverage for Higher Risk Situations Like Disaster Relief

  • BSM Insurance

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Copyright Guidelines

  • Helping Staff & Students have Healthy Boundaries

  • Incident Reporting Guidelines

  • Liability Release Forms

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Trip Insurance Forms

  • When Renting a Van

  • When Borrowing a Van


  • Annual Report

  • BSM Building Facility Report

  • Monthly Update

  • Staffing Plan

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