Missional Awareness

We must think like a modern missionary concerning the campus, the community, and the world. The objective is to develop each believer into a global Christian. The goal is assisting students to discover how God’s Spirit leads the Church in reaching the world for Christ.

Missional Awareness Givens

Biblical Basis: Acts 1:8

Pacesetter: Supporting Go Now Missions as the priority sending tool for Texas BSM.

Spiritual Focus: Praying for the "Laborers for the Harvest".

Equipping: Recruiting and training students to serve locally and globally. Conduct Go Now Missions local interviews in the Fall.

Incarnational: Lead at least one mission trip per BSM staff member.

Missional Awareness Tasks for New Workers

  1. Complete the Bible Study, The Holy Spirit’s Work - A Biblical Basis for Missions & Ministry by Rick Spencer.

  2. Teach students through Bible study and practical experience about the role of the Holy Spirit in all missions endeavors. At least two programs during the fall semester must center on missions.

  3. Read the Local BSM Missions Timeline by Brenda Sanders

  4. Coordinate a Student Missions’ Strategy in conjunction with the Texas Baptist Student Missions Go Now program involving local development, fundraising, committee development and sending/supporting summer and semester missions. Prepare a strategy by the following July Staff Retreat.

  5. Develop a Student Missions’ Strategy involving the team approach to 1) determine places of service, 2) decide what students are “called out” to go and 3) implement the mission opportunities. This strategy varies from campus to campus; however, your team should consist of both students and members of the campus/church community. (For example, a local pastor, three students, the Director and one Sunday school teacher.) Plans for this team may start anytime but needs to be fully developed before the fall of the following year.

  6. Contact Brenda Sanders to spend time with you and / or students on campus to discuss a mission’s strategy. Enlist Brenda to come to your campus before March.

  7. Coordinate one mission trip with students during the first year, including several non-student adults from churches.

  8. Attend and participate in the Texas Baptist Student Missions Go Now Interview Weekend in February.

Missional Awareness Resources

Brenda Sanders

Brenda is our TXBSM Go Now Missions Consultant. She is here to help you with missions on and for your campus.




All Go Now Missions forms, guidelines, applications, etc. are located on the Go Now site at gonowmissions.com/bsm-church-staff. If you cannot log in, contact the Go Now office at 817-277-4077.

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