Relational Evangelism

The goal of this area is to lead students to share Christ on the campus through a variety of methods and in all ministry areas. We are the pacesetter, setting the example in speech and action.

Relational Evangelism Givens

Biblical Basis: Acts 1:8, Acts 2:42–47, Acts 4:29, Matthew 28:19–20, Colossians 1: 28,29, Colossians 4:2–6

Pacesetter: Reaching the lost through intentional prayer, conversation, and a variety of entry points.

Spiritual Focus: Interceding for the lost through a student-led prayer movement including prayer-walking, prayer room, on-campus prayer gatherings and more.

Equipping: Training students to share their faith as a part of the overall BSM strategy.

Incarnational: Targeting 10-15 hours per week for on-campus training with students.

Relational Evangelism Tasks for New Workers

  1. Prayerwalk the campus at least once a month.

  2. Spend a minimum of 10-15 hours per week on campus training students to share their faith.

  3. Lead a seeker small group.

  4. Teach the “Bridge Illustration” to the leadership team.

  5. Read Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels

  6. Pray for the lost during each meeting with students.

  7. Provide evangelism training each semester for leadership team. (Year 2)

  8. Incorporate Beach Reach as your mission trip emphasis. (Year 2)

  9. Read Red Moon Rising: How 24-7 Prayer Is Awakening a Generation by Pete Greig. (Year 3)

  10. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of reaching the lost with your Supervisor. (Year 3)

Relational Evangelism Resources

Clayton Bullion

Clayton is our TXBSM Evangelism Discipleship Mobilization Catalyst. He is here to help you with evangelism and discipleship on your campus.



  1. Texas Baptists Evangelism Team




  5. Are All Religions Equally Right? - Video by Timothy Keller at Veritas Forum

  6. Anything by Tim Keller, available on YouTube

  7. Dr. Mike Licona (Apologist with NAMB) available to TXBSM for training and speaking via Webcast. Contact info : 770-410-6346 or

Bridge Illustration

  1. Navigator Tools: The Bridge to Life

  2. The Bridge to Life Explanation by The Navigators

  3. Bridge Illustration Handout - Word / PDF

  4. Bridge Illustration video by Robert Hooker (24 minutes)

  5. The Ask video (2 minutes)

  6. One Verse Evangelism by The Navigators


  1. Campus Missionary Website

  2. Christianity Explored is a wonderful, newly revised gospel tool that serves unbelievers asking real-life questions about Christianity while also equipping the church for the task of sharing the gospel.

  3. - A Safe Place to Explore Questions About Life and God

  4. Ministry to Internationals

  5. Perspective Cards

  6. Soularium Cards

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