Association Reporting

BSM Information
  1. Our vision: Engaging Texas College Students to Follow Christ and Transform the World
  2. 1.6 million college students in Texas
  3. 119 campuses have BSM
  4. 215+ BSM staff (this includes full time, part time, and volunteer)
  5. BSM Logos
  6. We can send you a copy of the TXBSM Annual Report national collegiate ministry report for the most up to date numbers and stats. Contact us at or 214-828-5250 and we'll send it to you.
  7. Is there a relationship between Texas BSM experience and ministry activity post-graduation? Here's Joyce's Ashcraft's 2010 Dissertation Survey Results: Summary of Research and Presentation
BGCT Information
  1. 5,300 affiliated Texas Baptist churches
  2. Founded: 1886
  3. Budget: you can find BGCT budget reports and summaries at
  4. Location: 7557 Rambler Rd. Suite 1200 Dallas, TX 75231
  5. Supported and/or established numerous schools. Assisted in the development of seven hospitals, four children’s homes, and five homes for the aged.
  6. Assists in starting hundreds of new churches each year as it strives to share the Gospel with every person in the state of Texas.
  7. Departments within the Convention are divided into five main categories: Great Commission Team, Christian Life Commission, Missions Team, Connections Team, and Collegiate Ministries Team.
  8. Area Representatives -
  9. Church Starters -
  10. Mission, vision, values, priorities, beliefs, history etc. -
  11. Affiliation, governance, budget, ministries, etc. -
  12. Constitution, Bylaws, Annual Reports, Baptist Faith & Message -
  13. Fact Sheet, Logos, Press Releases -
  14. The Texas Baptists Cooperative Program is a way of combining resources to enable more missions, evangelism and ministry throughout Texas and around the world -
  15. Social media links: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Other Reporting Helps
  1. Tips for Writing an Annual BSM Associational Report
  2. Making Your Associational Report Count
  3. Texas Population
  4. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  5. Texas Higher Education Data

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