Alumni Groups

Starting a BSM Alumni Group

Getting an Alumni Group Started
  1. Make sure alumni database is relatively cleaned up and in working order.
  2. Identify key geographic areas that have largest congregations of BSM alumni.
  3. Identify one or two key alumni / past Directors in geographic area to contact personally or by phone to help in setting up and recruiting attendees.
  4. Set date for an area alumni meeting at least two months in advance.
  5. Determine setting of meeting (15-20 people is a good size group)
  6. Send invitations at least one month in advance to either key alumni or to the entire list of area alumni.
  7. Follow-up with phone calls as needed.
  8. Send reminder emails, postcards, phone calls a week before.
What to Discuss During the Meeting
  1. Purpose of alumni association? Fundraising / financial support? Reunions? Mentoring? Assist with projects?
  2. Do we have interest at this time to create a self-sustaining alumni association (like Aggie BSM) or should we have an alumni association maintained by the BSM with the help of key alumni?
  3. What will be the role of alumni? Phone calls? Letters? Mentoring? Financial Support? Set up Alumni events?
  4. Role of BSM staff? Maintain database? Send out mailings? Set up alumni events?
  5. What will alumni giving support? General budget? Intern(s)? Ministry Assistant? Specific ministry?
Items to Consider
  1. Since the BSM is under the non-profit auspices of the BGCT there is no need for the alumni association to necessarily organize as a non-profit. As such, all gifts are tax-deductible. The only advantage to establishing a separate association would be if the alumni organization wanted to establish a foundation that they would maintain.
  2. If alumni association wanted to ease the administrative burden from the BSM Staff, the following process could be initiated:
    • Donations would be made out to the BSM, but mailed to the alumni association.
    • The alumni association would gather donations and forward them to the BSM once a month.
    • The alumni association would mail tax-receipt and thank you letters once per month.
    • The alumni association would track donations.
    • The downside to such a system would be that the alumni association must stay on top things. Of course, if the BSM Staff has enough time, they could continue to do all of the above.
How to Find BSM Alumni
  1. Alumni Office
  2. Alumni Reunions
  3. Other Alumni
  4. University Community/Faculty
  5. Church Staff/College Ministers
  6. WMU
  7. Parents of current students
  8. TXBSM state event lists
  9. Former Directors & Staff
  10. Former Student Missionaries
  11. Old leadership lists
  12. Old yearbooks
  13. Group pictures with names
  14. Baptist Standard Archives (214-630-4571 or
  15. Texas Baptist Historical Collection (972-331-2235)
  16. Put an article in your Association’s newsletter letting people know you’re looking for alumni.
  17. Social Media
  1. Alumni Group Bylaws Sample
  2. Alumni Information Card Template and Friends of BSM Information Card Template
  3. Alumni Information Sheet Template
  4. Alumni Letter Sample
  5. Commitment Card Template
  6. Starting a BSM Alumni Group

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