Advisory Groups

Since most people already have too many meetings to attend, it is very easy to neglect regular (perhaps quarterly) meetings with a Local Advisory Group which works with the BSM. However, the current financial climate makes local support more important than ever.

Directors might ask themselves, “Who will be our advocates when local churches/associations are putting their budgets together for next year?” “If a person from a local church questions the direction of student ministry or behavior of students in leadership, who from their church would have enough information about the BSM to provide a positive perspective.” The summer offers a time for networking with area church leaders and identifying new people for the BSM advisory group.  

But effective work with your Local Advisory Group is similar to having a good insurance policy – you may not realize the importance of having one until there is a need or crisis.

Some of the things the Local Advisory Group addresses
  1. Assisting the Collegiate Ministry Team of the BGCT in staffing the local BSM as outlined in the Cooperative Covenant between the BGCT and the local association.
  2. Assisting in the financial and ministry accountability of the local BSM, especially in the allocation of adequate funding for programing.
  3. Assisting the local BSM Director in promotion of the BSM ministry throughout the Baptist Association, local churches and their members.
  4. Assisting in personal support of the BSM staff.
  5. Assisting in decisions affecting policy and relationships with the local Baptist Churches.
  6. Working with the local BSM in the development and allocation of resources for ministry; including personal involvement of individuals and churches, prayer support and financial resources.
People serving on the the Local Advisory Group should be
  1. Active members of churches which are supportive and involved in the local BSM ministry
  2. Both lay persons of influence and members of church staffs
  3. People who highly value the BSM
  1. Bylaws Sample
  2. Charter Sample
  3. Cooperative Agreement Associational Sample
  4. Intended Incorporation FAQ Sheet Sample
  5. Local Advisory Group Bylaws Sample
  6. Local Advisory Group Committee Meetings
  7. Local Advisory Group Job Description Sample
  8. Local Advisory Group Plan Sample
  9. Local Advisory Group Suggested Guidelines
  10. Local Advisory Group Suggested Guidelines Template

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