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09 Support Development

Developing "partners in the Gospel" allows a BSM Director to not ministry on the campus alone. Paul's example of the Philippian church is an excellent example of the influence Paul had on the lives of the Philippians and in turn their support of his ministry.

Biblical Basis

  • Philippians 1: 3-6
  • Philippians 4:14-19

The Givens

  • Pace Setter - create and communicate a strong vision statement of BSM on your local campus. The Texas BSM overall Vision is: To engage the 1.3 million college students in Texas to follow Christ and transform the world. Col. 1: 28,29
  • Spiritual Focus - pray for "laborers in the Harvest"
  • Equipping - create a strategy of developing relationships with Associations, churches, Alumni, friends of BSM through regular contact that includes social media sites; Facebook, hard copy and e-newsletters, personal visits, video, etc. All communication must be of the highest quality both in content and materials!
  • Incarnational - provide a strategy of personal contact by the BSM staff to create a strong relationship base among friends of BSM. 

Ministry Partner Development (MPD)

Ryan Hodges is the Ministry Partner Development Director for BSM. You can contact him at or 806-681-9175. See more info at

BGCT Supports Your Ministry on the Local Campus

  1. 5,300 affiliated Texas Baptist churches
  2. Founded: 1886 
  3. Departments within the Convention are divided into five main categories:  Great Commission Team, Christian Life Commission, Missions Team, Connections Team, and Collegiate Ministries Team.
  4. Area Representatives -
  5. Church Starters -

We need your help to assist churches in transition

The Connections Team is the primary connection point between Texas Baptist pastors and the vast array of resources and ministries of the BGCT - each of you have the best connections with local Baptist churches in your area we need your help to assist churches in transition. As you hear of church vacancies, new pastors, or churches in trouble (regardless of convention), please send the info to Dowell Loftis, Director of BGCT’s Church Connections Team. All you have to do is email him with the name of the church and tell him about what’s going on, he’ll take it from there.

Social Media

Please add #txblife and #TxBSM to your social media posts.


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