1. What's the easier to remember URL for this page? 

2. Have further questions after reading below?  
Contact Cindy Zoller at 214-828-5250 or cindy.zoller@texasbaptists.org.

3. Someone asked us for a 501(c)(3) letter. How do I get that? 
If someone requests a 501(c)(3) letter from you, please contact Cindy Zoller and she will process the request through our accounting office. It usually takes a few days to get this and mail the letter to you, so please plan accordingly.

4. Are we a non-profit? What tax exempt forms are available and where can I get them?
Yes, BGCT is a non-profit.  Call or email us and we'll send you the form(s) you need.
  1. Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification - so you don’t have to pay sales tax when making purchases for the BSM.
  2. Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate - when staying at a hotel for BSM related events
  3. Vehicle Rental Exemption Certificate - when renting a car for BSM related events. 
  4. BGCT's W-9 - you might be asked for this form when making a purchase to be considered tax exempt or when another entity is writing us a check. 

5. How do I fill out a W-4?
If you are a BGCT employee you should have access to this form in your Paycom account under My Payroll > Tax Setup.  You can also contact Bennye Thomas.

6. There are two W-9 forms. Which one do I use? 
Our accounting office requires a W-9 form, for every person or vendor we write a check to, to be on file in their office. Sometimes you will be asked for the BGCT's W-9 when making a purchase to be considered tax exempt or when another entity is writing us a check. You will need to call or email us to request the BGCT's W-9. 

7. Do you have a Sample Tax Receipt Letter I can send donors?
Here is a Sample Tax Receipt Letter. It should be printed on your BSM stationary.  The margins may need to be adjusted accordingly.

8. Related forms / links. 

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