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Open Enrollment

Please read and follow ALL the info below .... it's a multi-step process with multiple forms to turn in - doing just the Google Form is not enough.

All benefit eligible employees need to make elections even if you are not making any changes in your selections for 2018 or you are denying coverage. If you have questions, contact your Supervisor or BGCT Human Resources office at 214-828-5327 or  You must complete your enrollment by November 10, 2017.

Completing Open Enrollment 

Step One - Learn about this year's options
    1. Attend one of the conference calls offered by HR
      1. October 26  @ 2:00-3:30 pm or November 2 @ 9:30-11:00 am
      2. Sign up for a conference call here
    2. Review the Employee Open Enrollment - Presentation 2018 from HR
If you elect not to participate in this year's Benefits Plan (including those who raise their own funds), please complete the Google Document Enrollment Form and submit a printed copy along with a Waiver of Coverage Form to Human Resources to deny coverage.

Step Two - Make your selections
    1. Open the Google Document Enrollment Form
    2. Here are some helps:
      1. It will help to have your Paycom and GuideStone (Insurance tab) accounts open
      2. In the "Work Extension" just enter your work phone number
      3. If you are taking Flex or HSA, enter the annual amount
    3. Once you've finished making your selections, click Submit (make sure you are ready as you cannot go back or re-open the form)
    4. Check your email for a copy of your answers from Google Forms
    5. Print and sign your name on the last question
    6. Move on to step 3 ..... you still have to turn in some forms in addition to the Google Doc.

Step Three - Turn in everything
      1. Complete the forms required of everyone
        1. Employee Checklist for 2018 Open Enrollment
        2. Your printed and signed Google Document Enrollment Form email
        3. Vision Enrollment Form (if you are declining, sign in the "Refusal of Group Coverage" box)
      2. Complete the additional forms that you may need to complete your enrollment package (i.e. Annual Change RequestFlex Enrollment Form 2018HSA Enrollment form 2018Spouse Certification Form 2018Waiver of Coverage FormVision Enrollment Form)
      3. Return your forms to HR by one of the following:
        1. Scan forms (all together as one file named like "John Doe Open Enrollment 2018") and email to
        2. Fax forms to 214-887-5455
        3. Mail forms to BGCT HR, 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75231-2388 (mindful that they should arrive in HR's office by 11/10) 

    Important Dates
    1. 11/03/17 - All checklists turned in will be included in two drawings for a $100 gift card
    2. 11/08/17 - All checklists turned in will be included in two drawings for a $25 gift card (for those who meet the 11/03 deadline, their names stay in the drawing for these)
    3. 11/10/17 - Enrollment Deadline (forms must be in HR's office)

    Alphabetical List of All for 2018

      1. Annual Change Request (if making changes to what you had last year)
      2. Dental Plans Comparison 2018
      3. Employee Checklist for 2018 Open Enrollment
      4. Employee Open Enrollment - Presentation 2018 from HR
      5. Evidence of Good Health Application (if applying for additional life insurance)
      6. Flex and DCA Information 2018
      7. Flex Enrollment Form 2018
      8. Flex Claim Form
      9. Health Choice 2000 Plan Overview 2018
      10. Health Choice 2000 Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2018
      11. Health Choice 3000 Plan Overview 2018
      12. Health Choice 3000 Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2018
      13. Health Saver 2800 Plan Overview 2018
      14. Health Saver 2800 Summary of Benefits and Coverage 2018
      15. HSA Enrollment form 2018
      16. HSA Information 2018
      17. List of Common FSA and Limited FSA Eligible Expenses
      18. Medical Plans Comparison 2018
      19. Preventative Care Schedule 2017
      20. Spouse Certification Form 2018
      21. Spouse Surcharge Information 2018 
      22. Term Life Insurance Rates
      23. TELADOC
      24. Vision Enrollment Form
      25. Waiver of Coverage Form
      Click here to access all these files in a Google Drive folder (if you'd like to download them all at once)

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