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HR Related

If you have any questions, please ask.  As a reminder there hiring procedures in place for all staff including Office Assistants and Janitors. Please consult your Regional Coordinator if you need to hire a worker funded by local sources.

Hiring Process
  1. An email requesting the position needs to be sent to state office. It needs to include the start date, salary and if the position is full time, part-time or temporary, etc. 
  2. Position must be approved and signed by Executive Staff including Dr. Hardage, Steve Vernon and Jill Larsen. This can take from 1-5 business days in order to get the needed signatures. 
  3. Application will be sent by state office to either director or new hire; the forms need to be filled out in their entirety and returned to state office by email. TR (transaction record) will be filled out and sent to HR along with completed application. The application must have a current address, not parents address, as this is where hiring info/drug testing packet will be mailed. 
  4. HR will contact the prospective new hire with new hire packet. It needs to be filled out and returned to HR within 3 business days. It will include all the steps that need to be completed before they can start working on campus. 
  5. In a perfect world this whole process would take 3 weeks minimum. Please allow at least 4 weeks (maybe less if there are no benefits provided) for this to be done as HR has other matters besides BSM. 
Forms Related to Employment
Paycom is the system that BGCT uses to track PTO and gives you access to see your pay stubs and tax information. You can log in to the system at you are having trouble logging in or can't remember your username or password, contact Bennye Thomas.

Texas Baptists Email Account
If you have a Texas Baptists email account we expect you to check it regularly. Click here to learn How to Open your Gmail Account. Click here to learn How to Forward Your Texas Baptists Gmail Account to Another Email Account.

Benevolence Fund
There is an employee benevolence fund administered through HR that here to provide limited emergency financial assistance to fellow employees experiencing financial difficulty by means of using employee donated funds. If you'd like to request funds, use BGCT Employee Benevolence Fund Request Form. If you'd like to donate to the fund, use Payroll Deduction Request Form.

BGCT Policy Manual
Here is the BGCT Policy Manual (updated February 2018).  It includes this Document Retention Policy. 

Sexual Harassment
We are committed to a harassment-free environment. See this handout.

Workers’ Compensation
We don’t want anyone to get hurt. But in the event that you do, get whatever medical help is necessary and then contact your Supervisor immediately. BGCT Workers's Compensation applies to all full-time BGCT and includes anything work-related. Below are just a few examples. You must let your Supervisor know within eight (8) days of the incident. Here's the Workers’ Compensation Employee Report of Injury Form.
  • You’re getting ready for your weekly luncheon and slip and fall in the kitchen
  • While on a trip with your students you cut your finger and need stitches
  • Your local association asked you to help supervise a youth activity when you trip and break your ankle
  • You’re at a speaking engagement related to your BSM or Association (not Extended Ministry) and hurt your knee
  • While traveling to a Texas BSM event you have a car accident and are injured
Investigation & Incident Reporting
Here are a couple forms to help you. If you are unsure or have a question, contact your Supervisor or a State Staff Member.

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