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Until further notice, if you need to be reimbursed for something, please scan the receipts and the appropriate form, as described and attached, as one document and email to the info below. If a signature is required, PLEASE sign it before scanning.

BSM Money
Complete one of the following forms when we are responsible for reimbursing the BSM for an expense. Requesting reimbursement for a personal expense is different (see "Personal Money" section below).

1. Request For Payment Form (updated 03/27/2020) 
  • Use this form when we need to pay a vendor for an expense related to your BSM that your supervisor / the State Office has approved. (Also see BGCT ACH Bank Information below.) 
  • Use this form when we need to reimburse your BSM for an expense related to your BSM that your supervisor / the State Office has approved.
  • Send to
2. BGCT ACH Bank Information Form (updated 03/27/2020) 
    • We will also need the BSMs / vendor's bank information to process an ACH instead of a check. (If you are uncomfortable emailing it, gather the information and call us at 214-828-5250.)
    • Send to
3. Computer Provision & Replacement (updated 03/27/2020) 
  • Computers will no longer be purchased by the State Office and sent to the campus. 
  • Each campus will be responsible for the purchase and repair (if needed) of the computers allotted to that campus. 
  • Read the above document to see what the current allowable amount is, and find out which computers are able to be replaced.
  • Send to
3. Printer / Copier Replacement (updated 03/27/2020) 
  • Collegiate Ministry is responsible to provide 1 laser printer / copier for each of the 24 buildings owned by the BGCT. 
  • Toner and typical supplies are the responsibility of the local budget. 
  • The local BSMs should not sign a copier lease agreement. These are expensive and do not provide service equal to the added expense. 
  • Read the above document for more information.
  • Send to

Personal Money
Complete one of the following forms when we are responsible for reimbursing you for expenses such as travel, meals, etc. Requesting reimbursement for a BSM building expense is different. See next section called BSM Money.

1. BGCT Expense Reimbursement for Employees (updated 01/25/2021)
    • Use this form if you are an employee and are paid through Paycom.
    • Expense reimbursements will be deposited directly to the bank account where you receive your payroll deposit. When it is processed you will receive an email (via your email) from Accounts Payable staff. The funds should show up in your account within two business days after you get an email.  
    • Send to
2. BGCT Expense Reimbursement for Non-Employees (updated 01/25/2021
    • Use this form if you receive a paycheck from another entity or receive a BGCT stipend.
    • A check will be mailed to you within 7 business days
    • Send to
3. BGCT Employee Request for Tuition Reimbursement (updated 01/19/2021)
  • Regular full-time employees who have completed at least one year of employment with BGCT are eligible for tuition reimbursement. 
  • Based upon available funds, the Tuition Reimbursement Program may reimburse eligible employees up to $500 per semester with a maximum reimbursement of $1,000 annually for coursework and $5,000 total for any one employee during employment with the BGCT.
  • Send to

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