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To be successful you need to exhibit financial responsibility (using the resources given you in a faithful and responsible way) and financial accountability (using methods of recording and reporting financial transactions in a way which is completely transparent and easily understood).


Sending in Money to BGCT 
Monthly Financial Statements 
If you are responsible for checking, savings, and/or investment accounts, you are required to send a Transaction Report & Bank Statement for EACH account every month.  They are due on the first day of the month with all transactions for the previous month.  See the  instructions for this task on the Monthly Update page. Here are some help videos:
Quicken Helps
    1. Quicken Website
    2. Buy Quicken via Amazon
    3. Quicken Training Videos via
    4. Quicken Training Videos via YouTube
    5. Model Budget Report
    6. Model Designated Account Report
    7. How To Start a New Year: Quicken 2005Quicken 2011
    8. How To Deal with Designated Funds: Quicken 2011
    9. How To Set Up A Budget: Quicken 2011
    10. How To Set Up A Designated Account: Quicken 2011
    11. How To Set Up Your Budget & Report: Quicken 2011

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