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Contact Peggy Moulden at 214-828-5259 / peggy.moulden@texasbaptists.org.

3. What is the Chet Reames Scholarship? 
A permanent scholarship fund in memory of Chester L. (Chet) Reames, a former BSM Director, has been established with the Baptist General Convention of Texas for children of BSM Directors. The Baptist Foundation of Texas serves as Trustee for the use as provided by the following guidelines. Here are the Chet Reames Scholarship Guidelines in a downloadable format.  
    1. The net income from this fund shall be made available annually upon request to the Baptist Student Ministry Council, an agency of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, for scholarships.
    2. Children of Baptist Student Ministry directors and staff members currently employed full time by Texas Baptists Collegiate Ministry Team are eligible for the scholarship to attend a college or university. This also applies to children of BSM directors who served more than 15 years and apply no longer than 3 years after employment at BGCT ends. (Note: Scholarships for children of other BGCT staff is found in policy #727.)
    3. A scholarship granted by the committee from available income is limited to two semesters annually and eight semesters. After the initial approval for two semesters, the recipient need only verify enrollment and grade information to the committee each semester to continue to receive the scholarship. The amount of each scholarship granted shall not exceed the total charges to the student for tuition and room and board per semester for which the scholarship is granted. The committee shall determine the specific amount of the scholarship at the April meeting each year.
    4. Scholarships shall be awarded to students working toward a Baccalaureate Degree based on the student’s character, grades, and activities in school and church, without regard to the school selected or course of study.
    5. Application forms, available from the Baptist Student Ministries office, are to be submitted by April 15 for the fall or summer semesters and by September 15 for the spring semester. All applicants shall be notified as to their status in writing no later than forty-five (45) days after applications are due.
    6. Funds shall be paid directly to the recipient’s college or university each semester upon verification of enrollment.
    7. A report of the income and disbursements of this fund shall be made to the Baptist Student Ministry Council in its final meeting of each calendar year.
4. How to I apply? 
  1. Read the Chet Reames Scholarship Guidelines
  2. Fill out the Chet Reames Scholarship Application
  3. Send your Application to: Collegiate Ministry / Reames Scholarship, Attn: Peggy Moulden, 7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75231-2388

5. Who was Chet Reames?
Chet was a BSM Director. Read more at Who was Chest Reames?

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