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We want all of our buildings to be clean and appealing both inside and out. When students and administration see your building they immediately form opinions about the importance of your ministry based upon the condition of your building. This includes everything from signage, lighting, cleanliness of bathrooms and kitchen, comfortable heating and cooling, yard care, and more. Our buildings must take on a welcoming presence when students enter. Hospitality is enhanced when a building is well maintained.

BSM Building Related Expenses
If you are looking for how to pay building related expenses, please see the Reimbursements page.

Facility Expectations for BGCT Owned Buildings
Read the Facility Expectations for BGCT Owned Buildings for general policies and specific care for the inside and outside of your building. You are responsible for the information in this document. Please feel free to ask questions and give suggestions if you see better ways of handling certain issues. This will continue to be a “living” document, changing as needed.

Winterizing Your BSM Building
Looking for the winterizing info? It's in the Facility Expectations for BGCT Owned Buildings.

BSM Building Report
If you are looking for the building report info, it's at

Building FAQs
1. Can we host a wedding / rehearsal dinner / wedding or baby shower / birthday party in the BSM building? No. Weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers (including baby showers), birthday parties, etc. are not permitted in the Baptist Student Center. These are best held at a church, private venue, or home. No exceptions. If you do these for one then you have an obligation to consider all requests.

2. Who pays for what with building related expenses? See the Facility Expectations for BGCT Owned Buildings document.

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