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08 Management

In order to carry out an effective ministry, the BSM Director must manage a variety of tasks. These tasks, though not necessarily considered direct ministry, are actually foundational to ministry because they determine a ministry’s long-term survival. The goal in this area is to equip the new BSM Director in effective management skills.

Biblical Basis

  • Colossians 2:5
  • Moses’ Style of Management - A Biblical Basis for Management

The Givens

  • Pace Setter - Develop a strong accountability system for financial areas of BSM, including proper monthly financial reporting to local leadership group and state BSM Supervisor, budget management, checks and balances for security. Also, the BSM staff seeks to enhance key relationships on the campus and community. 
  • Spiritual Focus - Weekly meetings with staff for encouragement, direction, and accountability. 
  • Equipping - Expect excellence in secretary and janitor as well as student leaders in making the BSM building an attractive and welcoming environment both inside and out. Create pride among staff and students in the building. Each BGCT owned building is required to have a team of lay people assisting with building maintenance. Refer to "buildings" in the worker guide. 
  • Incarnational - Intentional management by the BSM Director and Associate. 


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