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2. Have further questions after reading below? 
Contact Bruce McGowan at 214-828-5250 / bruce.mcgowan@texasbaptists.org.

3. What's the purpose of this area? 
A strategy of developing leaders from and for the Harvest is central to the HARVEST culture. The goal of this area is to assist students in discovering and exercising their spiritual gifts through serving in leadership roles in BSM. 

4. What's the Biblical basis for this area? 
5. What are the Givens for this area? 
  • Pace Setter: Involve 10 - 15 students per staff member as leaders of the BSM appointing leadership prior to the next semester start date. 
  • Spiritual Focus: Meet regularly with leadership of BSM as coach/mentor assisting each student in spiritual formation, personal concerns, and ministry focus. 
  • Equipping: Appoint students based upon giftedness using interviews, gift assessments, and personal references in the commissioning of students to serve. 
  • Incarnational: Exhibit an equipping ministry throughout the entire BSM structure.

6. What are the New Worker tasks for this area? 
1st Year
    1. Complete The Equipping Ministry--A Biblical Basis for Leadership Development & Team Building by the January Staff Retreat.
    2. Apply a Gift Assessment for students using and the PLACE profile
    3. Use a spiritual growth plan for the Leadership Team that includes weekly conferences.  
    4. Read A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus by Tim Elmore.
2nd Year
    1. Complete Servanthood--A Biblical Basis for Servant Leadership.pdf by end of Fall semester.
    2. Organize and implement two Leadership Team Retreats - before school in the fall and in the spring.
    3. Develop a leadership strategy for your BSM including leadership structure, recruitment plan, and personal growth plan (implementation to begin April of first year).

3rd Year

  1. Read Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer by J. Oswald Sanders
  2. Continue developing your campus leadership strategy.
  3. Organize and implement two Leadership Team Retreats - before school in the fall and in the spring.
  4. Enlist a Campus Missionary for Year 3.
  5. Visit another like campus (with similar leadership structure).

7. What are the essential resources for this area? 
  1. A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus by Tim Elmore
  2. Habitudes Series by Tim Elmore (use with students)
  3. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Bradberry & Greaves
  4. StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath
  5. Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry by Ruth Haley Barton

8. What are some books related to this area? 
  1. A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus by Tim Elmore
  2. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels
  3. Disciples Prayer Life Walking in Fellows by T.W. Hunt
  4. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Bradberry & Greaves
  5. Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God by Henry Blackaby
  6. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't by Jim Collins
  7. Habitudes Series by Tim Elmore (use with students)
  8. Jesus on Leadership by Gene Wilkes
  9. Mentoring: How to Invest Your Life in Others by Tim Elmore
  10. Personal Bible Study Methods by Rick Warren
  11. Revolution in Leadership: Training Apostles for Tomorrow's Church by Reggie McNeal
  12. Serve to Lead: Your Transformational 21st Century Leadership System by James M. Strock
  13. Spiritual Disciplines Companion: Bible Studies and Practices to Transform Your Soul by Jan Johnson 
  14. Spiritual Leadership: A Commitment to Excellence for Every Believer by J. Oswald Sanders
  15. Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry by Ruth Haley Barton
  16. StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath
  17. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow by John Maxwell

9. Do you have any resources by other BSM Staff members? 
  1. Cult or Culture? Which are you Developing? by Joyce Ashcraft
    • Developing a Leadership Culture by Mika Sumpter
    • Engaging Students Through Experience by Stephen Alexander
    • Finding and Developing Leaders by Bruce McGowan
    • How to Improve Every Meeting
    • How UNT BSM & UH BSM Lead their Leadership Teams (2010)
    • How UTA BSM Approaches Student Leadership Team Meetings (2009)
    • Improving Emotional Intelligence in Students by Christi Brazile
    • Leadership Formation 
    • Leadership Teams
    • Leadership Book Recommendations by Joel Bratcher
    • Parenting Style: Karaoke Parent by Ben Edfeldt
    • Parenting Styles & Leadership by Chris Smith
    • Showing Appreciation Thanking Leadership, Alumni, & Donors by Joel Bratcher
    • The 20 Minute Check-In
    • The Mother Duck Principle of Leadership by Brenda Sanders
      • "Watch Beauty Rise from the Ashes" by Chris Holloway

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