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posted Jul 16, 2010, 9:03 AM by Texas BSM ‎(Baptist Student Ministry)‎   [ updated Oct 13, 2017, 1:26 PM ]
In a recent study by Lifeway approximately 70% of students leave church after high school. Many of those polled said the reason they no longer attended church was because they went away to college. There was a disconnect at this point in their life. They need a bridge. We may not be able to change all of the reasons students fall away, but we can do our best to keep students connected to Christ and His church once they leave high school. was created to help bridge the gap between high school and college. The goal is to connect graduating high school seniors with the BSM at the campus they plan to attend, and help them get to know people before they get to campus.
  • Why

    If we are going to bridge the gap and minister to students as they go to college we must be proactive about connecting with them before they go to college.  Back in 2008 we decided to invest money in creating a website to help streamline process of gathering graduating high school seniors names and contact info.  We want to make it as easy as possible.
  • What's the process for
     We ask church leaders to either enter their students’ info on our website or send us an Excel document. Once entered an email goes to the student and to the BSM Director at the campus they plan to attend. A BSM Director, church leader, or student from the college they plan to attend will contact them and invite them to new relationships that will help them continue their spiritual growth.
  • What do I do when I get an email from  1) The Director or other BSM Staff should send an email or call the student within one week of getting this email.  2) Have a student in your BSM email or call the student.  3) Add this student to any communication list where you’re telling students about the Fall.  4) Make every effort to stay in touch with this student between now and the Fall.  5) If after the Fall semester begins they haven’t found you, go find them.
  • Have any ideas of things I can do?
    • Jonathan Perry, BSM Director at Paris Jr. College gets to know the students in local youth ministries well before they graduate. Jonathan often takes local youth ministers to lunch and asks them to bring their senior lists with them so that they can talk about students individually and pray for them.
    • Last year Steve Masters, BCM Director at Louisiana State University had great success contacting parents of students in his area and asking them to partner with him in the spiritual development of their students while they were at college. He sent letters to “the parents of” the students that would be coming to his campus that year.  
    • Do you have an associational youth camp in your area? Call and ask the camp director if you can bring a few students out during a meal time or before a worship time to meet graduating seniors and juniors in high school. Have them fill out info cards and do a drawing for a prize while you are there.
    • Start a Facebook group for prospective students that may be coming to your campus in the next couple of years. Have students from your ministry to post pics and discussion topics regularly. Update group news and info on a regular basis to generate interest.
    • Click here to read about an idea from Steve Masters.