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Helps with Presenting
  • We have a subscription to  that you can use for PowerPoint and/or print.  (Email us to get the username and password).
  • Sermonspice. Created for the purpose of gathering sermon media for Pastors and Christian Communicators. Their desire is to inspire creativity with the widest collection of products in the realm of Christian multimedia. Spice up your message this week.
  • Wordle. A really cool site to come up with some unique ways of expressing yourself and your ministry. It’s called and it is a word cloud generator. If you have no idea what that means, give it a try. The word clouds can be saved as jpegs in order to use in your publications (hint: use a word multiple times in order to make it larger).

Ministry Ideas

  • After a visit to Angelo State, Nick Howard asked BSM Director Lee Floyd to send us his current approach to their luncheon. Lee says, "One of the guides we have used for our lunch is the Jimmy Fallon Show. Fallon's show is geared toward reaching a younger audience. If you watch the show, you will see him use many elements specific toward the collegiate to young adult age group. Our take a-ways from the show are: 
    1. FUN - we make sure we have a good time at every lunch. It is light hearted and relaxed. 
    2. INTERACTIVE - we try to have plenty of audience participation (games, announcements, texting, videos of audience members, even random questions at the beginning of lunch.) 
    3. TECHNOLOGY - We try to make use of cell phones even social networking at some of our lunches. 
    4. MESSAGE - Jimmy always does an interview, always has a band play. We always have a message (we share TRUTH and challenge the students to consider it and embrace it.)"


    • Igniter Media. Video resources and media clips for use in worship and Bible study.
      • Nooma. Bible studies with a short film format by pastor and speaker Rob Bell.
        • YouTube song by BB King and Bono called "When Love Comes to Town". It's not very long so fits for a brief thought for a luncheon. Two thoughts to ponder: 1) What difference was made in your life when Jesus stepped into your world (John 1:14)? 2) What difference was made in our world because He "became flesh"? Because "love came to town" everything is different!