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BGCT is Undergoing a Name Change

posted Jul 2, 2010, 12:11 PM by Texas BSM ‎(Baptist Student Ministry)‎   [ updated Oct 3, 2012, 2:43 PM ]
In the weeks ahead the BGCT is undergoing a change in identity.  Rather than “BGCT” we will be referred to as “Texas Baptists.”  We (Texas Baptist Student Ministry) will be referring to ourselves, in relation to churches who support us, in a different way as well.  

As Bruce McGowan states…
“when I think of BSM staff I think of missionaries.  Stepping on the campus puts you into another culture distinct from all others.  You are Texas Baptist’s missionaries to 1.2 million students.  When speaking about BSM remind Texas Baptist churches you are their missionaries thanking them for this great priviledge!
Your partner in the Gospel!

Who we are is not changing.  What we do is not changing.  We are only trying to identify, more specifically, what we do to the churches who support us.  Thank you for being missionaries to 1.2 million students in the state of Texas!